PopScreen is the world's first Video Prediction Engine

About us

So what exactly does a video prediction engine do?
Well, glad you asked...

"We help you discover videos that are making headlines and the stories behind them."

Now you can be one of the first people among your friends, family and colleagues to discover that special video to enjoy, blog or even post to your favorite social network like facebook or twitter. Don't be surprised to find that some of the videos detected by PopScreen end up making the nightly news - it happens occasionally. More importantly, we hope you enjoy consistently getting the scoop on hot news clips, underground music videos, soon to be viral sensations, and other things you're interested in.


  • Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen, UX/UI

    Kevin has been a web designer since the age of 14. Prior to PopScreen he worked on a number of search products and applications. He uses PopScreen as his daily source of news and laughs.

  • Glenn Gutierrez

    Glenn Gutierrez, Marketing

    Glenn is a marketer and internet enthusiast. Prior to PopScreen he served as Zapmeta's Director of Marketing and helped to drive several million searches each month to the site. He uses PopScreen to find the latest tech tidbits and political clips.

  • Nick Palacios

    Nick Palacios, Front-End Developer

    Nick is passionate about markup and is a proud supporter of semantics.

  • Kenneth Sok

    Kenneth Sok, Back-End Developer

    Kenneth is a believer in clean code and in building things right the first time.